As usual, we ask tutors to put forward interested students for the ISTD assessment. We are pleased to introduce our new digital submission platform. Following registration by their tutors, students will receive a unique link to submit their projects directly via our online submission form.

If you're a tutor who has previously submitted students for assessment, you can simply login and input their details. If it's the first time, please register (should take approximately 2 minutes). All you need to do is verify your email and you'll be able to login and set up your students straight away.

Submission in three steps:

  1. Tutors login and set up your students

    You will need to know their name, address and current personal email, as well as which project brief they chose and if their final outcome is print or digital (or both).

    Optional physical submission
    Students also have the option to send a physical submission of their outcome(s) in addition to their digital submission. This option will be indicated in the regional registration form. Each region will communicate the submission date and venue (if applicable) for the assessment after the registration deadline.

  2. Complete payment 

    The easiest way to pay is by credit or debit card directly via the platform. Alternatively, if you are submitting 5 or more students, you can request an invoice for your institution to pay via bank transfer. If paying by bank transfer, you'll still need to complete your payment before your students will be able to upload their work, so make sure this gets in on time.

  3. Your students will receive a link to upload their work

    As soon as payment is received, your students will receive an email with a unique link to upload their work to our platform.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and read through the FAQ if you have any questions.

Submission Guidance:

We have created a document which sets out specific guidance for digitally submitting your portfolio of work for the ISTD Student Assessment. Please download it below.

2024 ISTD Digital Submission Guidance