With registration and payments being made in many countries we hope these frequently asked questions resolve your queries.

Do you accept entries from anywhere?

Yes. As long as they meet the entry criteria. Work could be sent to our Main Assessment in London or included in one of our other international assessments in Ireland, Middle East, South Africa or Australasia. Contact the Education Officer for further information.


I am a student who wants to register. Can I do this myself.

No. All registration and payment must be done by tutors/professors.
Please do not try to register by using a tutor’s details as you will not succeed.

I am a Masters/post-graduate student and would like to submit work for Assessment? Is this possible?

Yes. As long as you are registered on a recognised full-time course /programme you can be registered by your tutor/professor. While the vast majority of students who submit work are undergraduates we recognise that postgraduate students – for many reasons – should be given the same opportunities.

I submitted work last year and was not successful. Can I submit again this year?

As long as you are enrolled on a recognised full-time course /programme you can be registered by your tutor/professor. Some students submit in their penultimate year of study and have another attempt in the Final Year. This is allowed.

I am working on one of last year’s project briefs that I found interesting. Can I submit it for assessment.

No. We only assess the project briefs for the current year.

I have registered a number of students but now find that I have one or two more who wish to register. Is this possible?

Yes. We prefer to have all students registered at the same time but can accommodate additions, as long as they are made before the Registration Deadline.

I live and study in the Middle East and understand that submissions from this area are assessed in a Middle East Assessment. How do I register?

Register as usual. As we assess submissions from all around the world we determine to which of our Assessments you should submit. Please note that submissions for the Middle East usually combine Arabic and Latin script.

Payment of Registration Fees

I am cautious of making payments by internet? Is your site secure.

Yes. The payment system is handled directly through Barclays Bank. ISTD do not have access to any of your financial information.

Please clarify how to pay the Registration Fee.

We hope that this is fairly simple but here are possibilities (all using credit or debit cards) –

  • Pay for each student using their card details at the time of registration. They could enter their own details to maintain individual security.
  • Collect money from students and make a single, combined payment on their behalf using your card.

I want to register a student whose fee will be paid by my institution. I need an invoice.

We will only issue an invoice for four or more students. This option becomes available on registration of a fourth student. However, please ensure that the fees are paid by your institution before the assessment date.

I have registered and paid the fee for one of my students who now wants to withdraw. Can they be reimbursed?

We do not re-imburse registration fees. However, we are able to change the registration to that of another student, using the existing fee.

We are a non-UK institution and wish to pay in our local currency.

All payments must be made in GBP [pounds sterling]. If you are paying on
invoice via bank transfer it is important that you instruct your bank
accordingly - and that all currency exchange costs and all bank charges are
paid by yourselves. ISTD must receive the full amount of the registration
fees in GBP into the ISTD bank account.

Got a question?

If you have a question that has not yet been answered above, please contact us


UK Main Assessment Delivery Form

UK Main Assessment Delivery Form [313 KB]